Lulwa Al-Khalifa

Education: BA in Literature from Boston University

I am a self-taught painter who isn’t bound by the norms of instruction or convention. I paint what I feel and what I like. I have never had any formal education in art, however I believe that art is instinctive and should be expressed without reservation. Today art is weighed down by pretension that defies its true purpose, to inspire, evoke, provoke and delight. I believe that art is for everyone, it should be shared and appreciated.
My paintings are contemporary. Most of my work is abstract but I do have a few figurative works. My paintings are oil on canvas and I love texture and color. Everything inspires me, from Dali, to an Aerosmith guitar riff, to a bird on my balcony. I try not to overthink my process and I paint what I feel when I’m facing my canvas. I am not intimidated by a blank canvas, in fact it inspires me and fills me with possibilities.


33 artists 33 islands

Thirty Three Artists….Thirty Three Islands, A Kingdom Of Art

by Renaud Seigmann, 2015


Lulwa’s artworks have been gaining exposure and recognition around the globe. Below is a list of a few respected galleries, shows and exhibitions that have showcased in recent years.